SEEDS is a blockchain-based platform for grassroots communities

by Rebecca Addison & The Atlantean

A 2019 report from 145 of the world’s leading scientists indicates that 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction. More animal and plant species are at risk than at any time before in human history. That’s something the creators behind SEEDS want to change.

To commemorate this year’s Earth Day, the payment platform and financial ecosystem sponsored a live stream where Indigenous leaders discussed the impact the global population has on the environment.

“SEEDS is a global movement of regenerative renaissance. It’s a platform where a lot of us are coming together to create a financial and economic system,” said Rain Annie Lim, who co-hosted the event and sits on the board of the Global Women in Blockchain organization. “Currently, what we’re seeing in the world is that a lot of financial resources are going to projects that are destructive and de-generating the planet, but here’s a movement that is about regenerating the plant.”

More than a payment platform

At a basic level, SEEDS is a cryptocurrency platform built on blockchain technology. The platform’s digital currency is known as Seeds which are designed to be more stable than other cryptocurrencies which are increasingly volatile. SEEDS lets users send and receive money instantly without fees. The platform’s digital wallet lets users manage their finances, review their transaction history, and monitor investments.

The platform was designed to address the disconnect between financial systems and the Earth’s ecosystem. However, SEEDS is more than a digital currency platform. It also bills itself as a game that combines finance, economics and government. But SEEDS isn’t a game in the traditional sense. It’s mission is to regenerate the planet, create healthier local food systems, more equitably distribute value to people, give people a voice, and raise the collective quality of life for humans and all life on Earth. The objective of the game is to clean up the world's waterways, improve food quality and access, and strengthen global forests and ecosystems.

Regenerating the planet

To this end, users who join SEEDS are asked to take a pledge that demonstrates their commitment to regenerating the plant. More than 150 allies have taken the pledge so far. They include a range of organizations in the music, technology, travel, agriculture, and food industries.

“We pledge to 'own the change we wish to see' and to take direct action to transform the foundations of our global systems,” pledge reads.

*“We pledge to generate and distribute value towards regenerative causes - to support regeneration wherever and however possible and to serve our highest calling of creating a healthier global civilization.

We pledge to stay in integrity with the greater purpose of creating a new civilization - to choose cooperation over competition, to choose unity over separation and to choose participation in healthier and more equitable systems.

We pledge our support for other alliance members - to share information, tools, networks and resources with a goal to help bring the planet, our people and communities into optimal health.

We pledge our alliance to new financial systems - to favor and use currencies that regenerate our planet over outdated models. We pledge our participation in the governance and the evolution of this financial system - to offer our wisdom, knowledge and experience where we can.

We pledge to co-create an alliance for global regeneration.”*

How it works

SEEDS users can convert traditional money into Seeds and use them for day-to-day transactions. Users can also convert Seeds back to their local currency any time. There are no fees for transactions that use Seeds and any value created from these transactions go toward grants for community projects, regenerative businesses, and movements.

The SEEDS Global Passport lets users send and receive money instantly without fees or limitations. It also serves as a hub where users can engage in conversation, share ideas, and participate in environmental activism activities. The platform also allows users to vote on proposals for projects, campaigns and referendums. SEEDS then rewards users for their engagement. SEEDS members are rewarded in accordance with how much they actively work to improve the planet. The platform’s algorithm incentivizes collaborative and regenerative behaviors and activities.

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