Game Overview: Splinterlands

by Rebecca Addison & The Atlantean

Due to the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, blockchain gaming is growing in popularity and transforming the gaming space. Leading the pack of blockchain-based games is Splinterlands, a digital trading card game for Android and web browsers.

Similar to well-known trading card games such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hearthstone, and Legends of Runeterra, Splinterlands lets players collect different kinds of trading cards with various stats and skills. Players can use their cards to battle against various players from all over the world. As players advance and grow their card collection, they can compete in battles to improve their season ranking.

“The Splinterlands game happens 100% on chain, meaning that every battle, every time players combine cards, every time a card is flipped or burned, they are all blockchain transactions,” says Chris Roberts, Director of Content at Splinterlands. “Our assets can also be bridged to Ethereum or WAX, where they can be traded on secondary markets for those blockchains. . .There is a lot more to Splinterlands than meets the eye”

Splinterlands is the #1 blockchain game according to State of Dapps and has seen more than 16,000 daily active users globally. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Prepare for battle

Splinterlands provides a fun experience for players as they are challenged to create a balanced team within the mana cap determined for each new battle. Players battle each other in randomly set battle conditions. Each team consists of one Summoner card and up to six Monster cards. Players are given a set window of time to arrange their Monster cards before the battle starts. The first team to destroy all of their opponent’s Monster cards wins.

image1.jpg League Tier in Splinterlands

Your Summoner card serves as the foundation of your team. It establishes the type of Splinter, or magic source, that players will be using in the battle. Sources of magic include fire, water, earth, life, death, and dragon. Each Monster card has seven stats: mana cost, attack forms (melee, ranged, magic), speed, armor, and health.

Team construction will depend on the battle conditions that have been set. This includes established limits to the type of Splinters that can be used and the maximum amount of Mana allowed. Players have the freedom to design their own strategy and play style, but arranging your Monster cards is key to winning battles. Melee and magic cards can attack from the front row, but ranged attackers require distance from their opponent.

image3.jpg Earth Type Cards with unique abilities

A unique take on TCG

Unlike other well-known trading card games, playing a game of Splinterlands requires relatively little time. Once both players in a match have selected their cards, the game automatically simulates the battle. The simulation takes an average of 2 to 3 minutes. You can also choose to skip the battle simulation and display the results immediately. This option is useful for players who want to play the game, but only have limited time to spare.

Another unique element of Splinterlands is that players are able to level up their cards by combining multiple cards of the same type. For instance, if a player owns three level-one Kobold Bruiser cards, the player can combine the cards to get one level-two Kobold Bruiser card. Leveled-up cards will have additional stats and upon reaching a certain level, the card might even get an additional ability. This makes leveling up cards an important aspect for Splinterlands players to consider.

image2.jpg Cards available on Shop

Additionally, Splinterlands players have the ability to freely buy, sell, and transfer their in-game assets by making use of blockchain technology. This ensures that digital assets cannot be duplicated, mirroring the physical trading card game experience for the digital world. Dark Energy Crystals are the official in-game currency of Splinterlands. DEC can be exchanged on third party platforms for BTC, TRON, HIVE, EOS and other available digital currencies.

Essential investment for full experience

Players can choose to invest in card packs for a chance of obtaining rare and legendary cards. Splinterlands is indeed a free-to-play game, but many of the features in Splinterlands, like changing your in-game-name, can only be accessed once players have purchased the Summoner’s Spellbook or obtained one with a promotion code. While players who haven’t purchased the Summoner’s Spellbook can still participate in Ranked Battles, they may miss out on many features that are essential to Splinterlands such as tournaments and small DEC crypto earnings for winning card battles.

image5.jpg Upgrading your account give various benefits

image4.jpg Obtain Dark Crystal Energy for every match you win


Splinterlands is an impressive take on the trading card game genre and there is more to it than meets the eye. From community driven lore and backstories of the in game characters, to upcoming land deeds and more. We’re taking a deeper look at Splinterlands as the game and community evolves and look forward to posting a final review soon. However, if you are a fan of trading card games or a blockchain enthusiast looking for something unique and rewarding, we think Splinterlands is definitely worth the try. Visit the Splinterlands website and join the community Discord to get started.

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