Legends Reborn Game Overview

by Rebecca Addison & The Atlantean

What happens when you mix blockchain gaming, the charm and fantasy elements of medieval fantasy, with intense, highly strategic card game action? You get a game with mythical legends, reborn.

Legends Reborn is a collectible card game currently in development by Kung Fu Factory.

In it, players build unique decks and compete in beautifully animated real-time card battles against other players online in an epic battle of strategy and tactics as you try to outwit your opponent.

The game takes what makes other popular card games (CGs) like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hearthstone remarkable but does away with the many criticisms and issues players have with games in this genre. Some of these include CGs being inaccessible to newer players due to the amount of time it takes to learn the basics and details of cards with literal newspaper article-length descriptions. But, seriously, what's up with that? Instead, Legends Reborn takes the easy-to-pick-up hard-to-master approach that makes it much more enjoyable within the first minutes of gameplay.

Summoners, monsters, and spell cards

The game includes summoners and two types of cards: monster and spell cards. Each monster card costs a specific amount of energy to summon and even more for it to perform drag attacks. You start with what I like to call the strategy phase. You start with a bit of energy and time to plan out your strategy and allow you to play one monster card. This low initial energy beautifully sets a slow, methodical pace that quickly ramps up as the game progresses and provides players with more and more power each turn. This additional energy allows you to fully utilize your deck's most potent spell cards that can turn the tide of a losing battle.

Players are limited to 5 monster cards, each with unique passive effects. Losing all of them loses the game, so you better take good care of your monster cards.

Some, for example, provide negative debuffs to enemy units, reducing their damage, weakening their defense, or requiring a higher cost for their drag attacks.

While others like "Trample" or "Blood Brothers" provide you with game-shifting buffs such as bonus attack damage, life steals or giving low-hp friendly units a shield, narrowly rescuing them when on the brink of death.

Every monster card is unique in its own right, whether by its unique passive or its many different stats like physical attack damage, magical attack damage, physical defense, magical resistance, and my favorite, critical chance. All of which play a crucial role in every round.

Don't be fooled, however, as while the game is easy enough to pick up and get started, its many different spell cards provide a near limitless potential to outplay your opponents.

Spell cards can drastically alter the outcome of the game.

Spell cards are the backbone of Legends Reborn as they can drastically alter how your monsters attack and survive the ever more chaotic battles!

Play "Blinding Hex" to temporarily disable a strong enemy card from attacking. Use "Spirit of the Phoenix" to provide a clutch resurrection to one of your powerful dead monster cards. Or go all-in with the mighty yet expensive "Arcane Battle Prowess" and blast the entire enemy team's side with a powerful area of effect attack based on your chosen card's magic damage attribute.

All of that combined makes for some of the most intense and breathtaking fun you can have in a card game!

Utilize the tools you have to carve out a path to victory.

Does your opponent have a high hp and high defense monster like "Grim Totem Cyclops" that's hard to take down and is slowly becoming a problem?

One way I've managed to deal with this scenario is to use a card with high attack damage, such as "Brightsteppe Charger," and throw in a spell card that buffs attack damage like "Call of the Dragon" or "The Rush of Power." Finally, I play "Ranger's Glare," which guarantees a critical hit, along with my favorite, "Arrow for a Knee," which reduces all enemy armor down to 0 for one attack and one-shot your opponent's monster into oblivion.

Legends Reborn offers many options and room for counter-play to deal with any challenge your opponent may throw your way, so it never feels like the game is unfair or that you are in an unwinnable situation.

I'm happy to say moments like these are abundant in the game, and they never stop being exciting no matter how many times you see them happen.

Receive more spell cards with drag attacks which brilliantly incentivizes player aggression.

You start the game with a few spell cards and receive more spell cards by issuing monster drag attacks on your opponent. A drag attack is when you use energy to give a direct attack using one of your monster cards compared to using power on a spell card.

Players are encouraged to ride the momentum and keep their opponent on their toes while ridding the genre of the somewhat stale and mundane "keep drawing cards and stalling until you get the card you need to win" strategy that plagues so many of today's modern card games.

That's not all, however, as the game also aims to reward those who take the time to master its complex, deep, systematic turn-based strategy combat and masterfully craft their decks. While Legends Reborn is still being crafted in development and doesn't yet offer a tokenmics strategy, those who build decks with great synergy and come out on top of the MMR leaderboard are sure to be rewarded with the game's native token. Rewards those players can exchange for real-life value.

The amount of care and thought put into Legends Reborn is made clear with its catering to gamers new to the card game genre and hardened veterans with a penchant for mastering card synergy!

Its vibrant art style, simple yet abundant strategies and counter-strategies, straightforward rule set, and unique match environments make it one of the most anticipated card games coming to the blockchain.

With an expected production release by Kung Fu and Gala later this year, I can't wait to do a deeper dive. Until then, signup for more playtests on the Legends Reborn website, Gala Discord, and stay tuned for the latest from BGN.

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