Game Overview: Town Star

by Rebecca Addison & The Atlantean

When most people hear the word blockchain game, their mind likely conjures images of a static cryptocurrency-based gaming experience. However, as the new city building simulation game Town Star demonstrates, blockchain is making its mark in the gaming space.

Gala Games’ flagship release is a dynamic and competitive blockchain-based game that elevates the city building simulation genre. Town Star pits you against thousands of players and teams from all over the world to become the best city builder. Available on a web-based browser platform, this free-to-play game rewards players with real money in the form of Gala Games’ own cryptocurrency Gala Coin.

Check out this game if you’re a pro at simulation games and looking for something more advanced. In Town Star, you have ultimate control. Build your city, guide materials production, and earn profits to advance your city with the strategy of your choice. Here’s what you need to know to get started with this exciting offering.

Location, location, location

Before you begin building your city, you’ll want to lay out a strategy. All of your choices and decisions will impact the future of the city you build. You’ll start by selecting your location. There are various types of locations including forest, desert, plains, and ice. Each has different advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to focus on farming, plains or forest areas are good locations. Additionally, plains and forests have rich resources suitable for livestock as well as agriculture. This includes land for animal feed and an abundant supply of water sources. If you prefer to build a city focused on income from industries such as energy and oil, the desert will be the best choice because it is rich in oil resources.

Regardless of the kind of area you choose, pay attention to how close your city is to a capital city on the continent you inhabit. The further away you are, the more fuel resources you will need to sell your goods.

Thinking ten steps ahead

The urban planning mechanism in Town Star is complex. Each component you build involves careful planning. Whether it’s the distance between different buildings, or the placement of roads, location is everything. This is especially true for agriculture. In order for you to have fertile fields and fast harvests, you have to build fields near water sources, such as ponds or the sea. Additionally, shade is a unique mechanism of this game that can be difficult to find. In Town Star, shade is useful for masking sunrays and winds which can directly impact your production timer. Additionally, the distance between fields is another factor to consider.

Similarly, infrastructure in cities affects the production performance of each building. How do you get goods delivered from the factory to the warehouse quickly? By building a good road. Effective road placement will speed up the movement of workers who deliver raw materials or products in your city. Additionally, buildings must be built along the road for you to make money to expand your city.

Money matters

Your city always needs money. It’s what fuels your workers, buildings, and infrastructure. Be careful when managing your city’s finances.

Always pay attention to the wage needs of workers. These are billed every minute. The more sophisticated your industrial sector, the higher your worker’s wages will be. For example, the agricultural industry will require lower wages for workers than the fuel industry. Don't try to build an industry that will quickly drain your resources if you don’t have the funds to cover it. If you miscalculate, you might be unable to cover your workers’ wages, and your city could quickly go bankrupt. It’s also important to know that you must allocate money to cover the disadvantaged in your city.

These extra facets of the game make Town Star challenging and add depth. Once you have mastered them, you can sit back and watch your city’s resources increase. However, don’t rest on your laurels. The goal of Town Star is to become the top ranked city builder. To rank up, you will need to collect stars that can be obtained if you sell goods to cities. The more expensive the materials you sell, the more stars you can get to increase your rank.

Practice makes perfect

Town Star isn’t easy. It requires trial and error to compose the dream city you desire. Over time, once you hone your management skills, your success will improve. Be prepared to rebuild your city many times in order to find the ideal strategy for creating a sustainable town or connected towns. Stay tuned for more tips and guides for Town Star.

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