Blockchain Game Alliance Helps Boost Industry

by Rebecca Addison & The Atlantean

According to the recent Blockchain Game Report from the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), blockchain games are driving a surge in the blockchain industry as a whole. The report indicates that more than 883,000 daily unique active users were playing blockchain-based games last month.

The report also indicates that August saw record sales of non-fungible tokens. According to the report, last month, the NFT space generated more than $5 billion in total sales volume. Of those sales, nearly 20 percent involved gaming NFTs.

“We’re seeing a lot of new trends in the blockchain industry in 2021, especially around NFTs and defi gaming,” says Sebastien Borget, President of BGA. “2021 is not only the year of NFTs but also the year of marketplaces that play a major role in the creation and discovery of those NFTs.”

BGA is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry. The organization believes that blockchain games and the use of NFTs in gaming is giving rise to a new kind of player ownership never before seen in the world of gaming.

“These games give power to the users,” Borget says. “Traditional games are about squeezing the most money from users. Blockchain games are community first. As a user, when I own a token or NFT from a certain game, I’m more than a customer. I’m a committee member; I have a voice, my voice has weight in decisions. It’s a really meaningful difference. It’s a new way of approaching it.”

BGA has close to 200 members and is supported by some of the top video game companies in the industry including Ubisoft. The organization’s membership includes games, developer solutions, protocols, NFT marketplaces, legal firms, and media; and their membership has grown by 54 percent in 2021.

“We wanted to create a coalition that would work together, share a common thread, and promote blockchain,” Borget says. “A few years ago, blockchain games and technology was still very unpopular in the traditional gaming industry. We felt like creating this group would help demonstrate the use case.”

BGA’s mission is to raise awareness about how blockchain technology can transform games while improving or disrupting the industry. The group is also working to accelerate adoption by addressing existing barriers to innovation and creating actionable industry standards and best practices.The organization also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge, collaborate, and network.

“We’re here to showcase the different use cases,” Borget says. “We’re building the economy of the future and the games of the future. We hope we’ll be able to bridge with the traditional gaming industry.”

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